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2Faced Dance Company

2Faced Dance Company

West Midlands

2Faced Dance produces innovative and aspirational artistic performance and participation programmes alongside a captivating community dance programme.

Based in the centre of Hereford city, 2Faced Dance Company was founded in 1999 by Artistic Director and Choreographer, Tamsin Fitzgerald. The company tours extensively across the UK and internationally, working with cutting edge and culturally diverse venues, organisations and people. The company supports and mentors local artists whilst advocating on behalf of the wider dance sector and challenging and inspiring different sectors of society. Working with children, young people and adults across the UK on a weekly basis, 2Faced Dance are leaders in their field. With a relatively new home at the Centre for Movement, the company offers space and collaboration with local communities artists and businesses. By supporting 2Faced Dance Company you are helping to ensure the company continue to build the future of dance, inspire the youth of today for generations to come and empower talent through their work.
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2Faced Dance Company

2FDFF Futures Fund

Futures Fund

2Faced Dance are excited about what the future has in store and we invite you to play your part in our future...... Read more