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2nd Amersham on the Hill Scout Group

2nd Amersham on the Hill Scout Group

South East

2nd Amersham on the Hill Scout Group, founded in 1923, providing Scouting for young people aged 6 to 14 years in Amersham and the surrounding areas.

One of the largest Scout Groups in Buckinghamshire, the group is active and thriving with over 280 members and over 200 names on our waiting list. We support the Scouts vision nationally, which is to continue to grow, become more inclusive, to be shaped by young people and to make a bigger impact in our communities. Our current hall is just over 50 years old and much has changed in building standards in that time - its green credentials, space layout, current usage needs, car parking, access and the list continues. It is no longer fit to offer the first class facilities that our own Scout Group, as well as other Scout and Girl Guiding groups in Amersham and surrounding areas, needs. The new hall has also been very much designed with the local community in mind, to create a facility that will be used by a wide variety of users, ranging from local interest groups, to other charitable organisations and to provide private hire for special occasions. There are plans to re-establish a children's nursery on the premises, which will also boost pre-school provision to the Amersham area. By supporting 2nd Amersham on the Hill Scout Group, you are contributing to the biggest investment in youth in Amersham, or even in the county, for over half a century. By providing outstanding facilities and investing in their futures, we can give ouryoung people a sense of purpose and opportunity.
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2nd Amersham on the Hill Scout Group

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