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Save Devon treasureRAM002

Friends of Exeter Museums and Art Gallery Trust - South West

Help buy and conserve a newly discovered hoard of 4th-century Roman coins: the third-largest hoard ever found in Britain. £50,000 is needed to purchase the hoard and at least a further £50,000 for conservation, research and display. Donations and pledges currently amount to half the target (November 2015).
The hoard comprises over 22,888 Roman coins dating to around AD 330-348 and three iron ingots. It was discovered by metal detectorists in late 2013 on Clinton Devon Estates land in East Devon. They duly reported the find to the Devon County Archaeologist and the Portable Antiquities Scheme (PAS). The hoard was excavated, sent to the British Museum for evaluation and declared treasure in September 2014. Then as now Exeter, Roman Isca, was the economic and social capital of the Southwest and RAMM, with its extensive Romano-British collection, is the natural home for the coins.
Most of the coins are associated with Emperor Constantine the Great (AD 306-37) and his family. Constantine I was made Emperor while in Britain in AD 306. He promoted Christianity as a state religion and was successful in bringing the empire under one ruler. The latest of the coins come from the joint reign of Constantius II (AD 337-61) and his younger brother Constans (AD 337-50). This was a turbulent period in the history of Roman Britain, a time when settled periods of affluence were interrupted by civil wars, rebellions and invasions and only fifty years after the hoard was buried Rome’s imperial presence in Britain ended.
Help save this hoard and other treasures for Devon. All money donated will go to FEMAG, the organisation of museum friends, and should we fail to buy this hoard, it will be used to save other treasures for Devon.

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