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Arts Connection - Cyswllt Celf

Arts Connection - Cyswllt Celf


Arts Connection - Cyswllt Celf is a participatory arts organisation working in Mid Wales, providing high quality participatory arts projects in all artistic mediums.

Arts Connection is an inspirational participatoryarts organisation working in North Powys, Wrexham and the border communities. We are revenue funded by the Arts Council of Wales and have provided high quality participatory arts projects in a wide range of artistic mediums since 1994. Our work with schools, children, youth, people who are learning disabled and the wider community offers increased involvement and participation and a welcoming bi-lingual doorway into the arts. We provide opportunities for artists in all media to develop innovative arts projects within the local and wider community. 

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Arts Connection - Cyswllt Celf

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Arts Connection - Cyswllt Celf Donations

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