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Bash Street Theatre

Bash Street Theatre

South West

For the last 30 years, Bash Street Theatre Company has been producing and touring outdoor, circus-theatre shows in the UK, Europe and beyond.

Based in Penzance in Cornwall, the company has built an international reputation performing fast-moving, silent-comedy shows, with live musical accompaniment. Since their first performance in Morlaix, France in 1991, partners and co-founders, JoJo Pickering and Simon Pullum have created 25 different productions and performed at major festivals in more than 20 European countries, as well as in Egypt, Turkey, Israel, Japan, Hong Kong, Macau and South Korea. Bash Street Theatre has now become a family affair with two family members recently joining the company, enabling us to work together in spite of Covid19. We were thus one of the first outdoor theatre companies to perform again at The Minack Theatre in Cornwall after the first lockdown.
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Bash Street Theatre

BASH2021 A new Bash Street Theatre outdoor show for 2021 - The Cameraman

A new Bash Street Theatre outdoor show for 2021 - The Cameraman

Help us bring back live entertainment with a new outdoor comedy show. Support a small independent theatre company with self-employed performers.... Read more