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BeyondAutism empowers people with autism through specialist education, training for people who work with them& support for their families.

Many of the children and young adults BeyondAutism support have needs with varying levels of complexity; they may have additional learning disabilities or other health conditions as additional needs. As such, each person requires an individually-tailored level of support. BeyondAutism are experts in educating children and young adults with autism, applying the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) and Verbal Behaviour (VB) to teach students and arm them with the life skills they need to live as independent a life as possible. BeyondAutism have a holistic and ‘future-focussed’ approach to supporting families that involves providing training and guidance to parents, carers and professionals around the child.
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EARLY Early Years: Engage, Communicate, and Play

Early Years: Engage, Communicate, and Play

Help keep our vital Early Years’ service free so we can continue to support children with autism at a critical stage of their early development. ... Read more