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Bishops Castle and District Community Land Trust Ltd

Bishops Castle and District Community Land Trust Ltd

West Midlands

Save the Stars Appeal Our Trust is raising funds to rescue an empty building in the centre of town to create much needed homes for young people.

Bishop’s Castle Community Land Trust The purpose of the Trust is to acquire and hold in trust, assets of land and buildings for the long-term benefit of the people of Bishops Castle. Set up in 2007, it is a community co-operative that helps the town to thrive, by enabling young people to live and work there and by bringing disused and neglected buildings back into use. Its Save the Stars Appeal is raising funds to pay for the rebuilding of a former newsagent in the heart of the town, left empty for more than five years. The building is now in community ownership. The d purchase was made possible by a generous gift from the late Bill Bainbridge, well known to many. The Appeal needs to raise £60,000 from donations to get the work under way.
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Bishops Castle and District Community Land Trust Ltd

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