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Blind Summit

Blind Summit


A puppet theatre without limits

Who we are
Blind Summit is one of the world’s leading puppet theatre companies. Founded in 1997 we are known for our beautiful puppets and unique performance style which we call “Extreme Puppetry”.

Where to find us
We have created a three year old boy in Anthony Minghella's Madam Butterfly, a singing dog in Simon McBurney's A Dog's Heart, an 18 metre high firework-firing Voldemort in Danny Boyle's London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony and a cantankerous puppet prophet who lives on a table in The Table. Whether you have seen our work in an opera house, a theatre, outside, on the internet or in a stadium, it is made by the same ensemble of puppeteers trained in our style of “Extreme Puppetry”.

What we do
Artistic Director Mark Down has pioneered Blind Summit’s style of “Extreme Puppetry” for the past 18 years. Working collaboratively with teams of designers, writers, and actors we create work rooted in the tradition of Bunraku with a deep commitment to character development over time. This partnering of contemporary story telling with traditional puppetry connects with audiences in profound ways while breaking down performance and cultural barriers. Through our puppets and the stories we share, we find the common in all of us.

How to join the fun
Our vision is for a world-wide network of Blind Summit trained puppeteers and puppet makers to preserve this artform and ensure its ability to reach an ever-growing audience. We need your help to expand the company to match our vision of a puppet theatre without limits.

Become a Blind Summiteer today by donating to one of our causes.

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Blind Summit

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