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Bognor Regis Baptist Church

Bognor Regis Baptist Church

South East

The Shore Community Church - our name is a celebration of our passion for our local community strung along the seashore in sunny Bognor Regis!

Bognor Regis Baptist Church, known as The Shore Community Church is the oldest Baptist church in Bognor Regis, where we have been serving the community since 1899. Our main church services are on a Sunday morning and we also have many groups which run during the week. Our new Shore Wellbeing Cafe invites our whole community to enjoy a drink and a bite to eat in a warm and relaxed atmosphere. Our aim is to build credibility by being an undeniable force for good in our neighbourhood, society and wider community. We seek to be accessible and relevant to all by communicating in creative, inspiring, engaging ways. We seek to build trust and overcome scepticism by being transparent, vulnerable and humble fellow members of our local neighbourhood.
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Bognor Regis Baptist Church

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