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Bolton Carers Support

Bolton Carers Support

North West

Bolton Carers Support offers confidential support and information to carers over the age of 18 who live, or care for someone living, in Bolton.

Bolton Carers Support is an independent, registered charity. We want all carers to feel valued and to receive the information, care and support they deserve. We • listen and give carers time to talk • have respect for each other • treat carers as individuals • encourage carers to support each other We are • non-judgemental • inclusive and non-discriminatory • professional • friendly, approachable and trustworthy • committed to providing the best service We also • go the extra mile • strive to improve • support each other in our work • show integrity in our work • work as a team We identify carers and raise awareness about carers' issues. We offer information and emotional support, a confidential listening ear, opportunities to meet other carers for mutual support, training, short breaks, and can ‘signpost’ you to relevant services that can help you in your caring role. Our services are free of charge, with the exception of our short breaks (for which we make a small charge). We support local people over the age of 18 who look after a family member, relative or friend who needs support due to illness, disability or age.
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Bolton Carers Support

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