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Bythams Woodland Trust

Bythams Woodland Trust

East Midlands

The Spinney is a woodland play area for children and adults alike used by local and wider community all year round.

The Bythams Woodland Trust was set up in 2003 to create and manage this unique, nationally recognised, award winning community recreation and conservation area, comprising a 6.5 acre woodland and 3.9 acre wildflower meadow. The BWT supports any individuals and groups living within the Parishes of Castle Bytham, Little Bytham, Careby, Hollywell, Aunby, Counthorpe and Creeton. Though our original aim was to provide a good environmental space for children to play, today our users are people of all ages, especially families, where the Spinney provides a wonderful setting for outdoor adventure play. The Spinney is open every day of the year and is free to all. We have to keep the site in good condition and that all our play equipment complies with recognised safety standards.
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Bythams Woodland Trust

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Bythams, Careby & Creeton Sponsored Carriage Drive and Ride

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Supporting Spinney annual running costs

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