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Christ Church Dore

Christ Church Dore

Yorkshire and the Humber

Christ Church Dore has a vision to grow, share and serve: through making known the Good News of Jesus, valuing relationships, and worshipping God

Christ Church Dore is committed to enabling as many people as possible to worship at our church and to become part of our parish community. Our aim is to ensure we can involve the many groups that live within our parish, through
• Services and worship that put faith into practice through prayer and scripture, music and sacrament
• Pastoral work through the ministry of the occasional offices
• Youth work that involves both church and non-church young people
• The use of the church buildings (church and church hall) by the local school, choirs and other community groups, including a thriving toddler group
• Distributing a proportion of our voluntary giving to other charitable organisations within and without the diocese of Sheffield

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Christ Church Dore

GIVING Donations to support the ministry of Christ Church Dore

Donations to support the ministry of Christ Church Dore

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