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West Midlands

Founded in 2011, CircusMASH has grown from a few people learning circus in a climbing centre, to a full blown Circus School in Kings Heath.

Dream way too big and forget not your purpose… but live every day like your life is a circus! MASH Academy’s mission is to train and develop future circus artists, creatives and innovators. We want every person to achieve their highest potential and to do that using circus as a tool. We offer a creative outlet for community and routes into the circus industry for emerging professionals with the development of circus as an art form at the heart of our work. “By turning you upside down, we teach you to stand on your own two feet. By dropping objects we teach you to catch them. By having you walk over someone, we teach you to take care of them. By having you clown around, we teach you to take yourself seriously.” Bob Sugarman
Fundraising Regulator

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CircusMASH Light Us Up

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