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Clytha Friends Association

Clytha Friends Association


Clytha Friends Association is a fundraising charity (the PTA) for Clytha Primary School (Ysgol Gynradd Clytha) in Newport, South Wales.

Clytha Friends Association (CFA) works to bring staff, parents, pupils and the local community together in support of the school by promoting closer home-school links, as well as raising money to spend on improving equipment and resources to enhance the children’s education and the facilities in the school in general. The CFA is proud to be part of the ‘Clytha Family’, the shared partnership between families and school which helps the children to thrive and develop. By supporting Clytha Friends Association you are helping to enrich the learning experiences of all of the children in our vibrant, inclusive and welcoming school. Thank you so much!
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Clytha Friends Association

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