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Colchester Arts Centre

Colchester Arts Centre

South East

We are a performing arts venue in Essex presenting music, comedy, theatre, live art and much much more.

Colchester Arts Centre - the little church with the big attitude deep in the heart of Essex. Well that's how we describe it anyway.  It at least gives a flavour of what we're about. Because just how do you describe a venue that can put children's entertainer Palfi the Clown on, on the same day as Cradle of Filth? Where a Farmer's Market in the morning becomes a comedy club in the evening, where folk enthusiasts can sit happily knitting in the exact same spot a ferocious mosh pit of teenage dancing takes place the following night?  And where the beautiful historic architecture of St Mary's Church dating back over 1000 years, plays host to some of the newest comics, most modern choreographers, some of the coolest DJ's and some of the freshest talent in Britain.

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Colchester Arts Centre

CACF001 Help Colchester Arts Centre buy new chairs for their audiences

Help Colchester Arts Centre buy new chairs for their audiences

We are launching a battle against numb bums. We need to raise £20,000 for new, more comfortable, audience seating at the Arts Centre. ... Read more