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Oxford Shakespeare Ensemble

Oxford Shakespeare Ensemble

South East

We make innovative live shows from classic texts in unexpected locations.

All over Oxford we find unusual spaces – these stories aren’t set in theatres so we don’t put them there. Castles, antique mirror tents, college gardens, bookshops and factories… we’ll go wherever the stories take us, and so far we’ve taken over 500,000 people with us. Our shows are anarchic, unexpected, fun, lively, quirky, fast and definitely not like any version you’ve seen before. From the thousands of children who’ve told classic stories in new ways through our education programme, to our professional actors and directors, you’re always most likely to find us lost in a good book. 22 years, 70 shows, half a million audience members aged 5-95…we are Oxford’s own Creation Theatre Company.
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Oxford Shakespeare Ensemble

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