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Creative Stuff Newtown

Creative Stuff Newtown


Creative Stuff Newtown provides a nurturing environment for people to connect, create and flourish in Mid Wales.

Creative Stuff Newtown is a Community Interest Company incorporated in January 2021. It has four directors with a wide range of expertise and experience in education, event and broadcast production, mental health and wellbeing and community engagement. We established ourselves as a CIC in order to formalise our existing project work, create greater opportunities for funding and due to our wish to foster sustainable, self-funding cultural activities within the community of Mid Wales. Our first project, Clwb DJ Club, continues to be a great success and is working to achieve long term cultural objectives as well as addressing the immediate need for social opportunities for young people. Our future plans are to facilitate creative opportunities for all members of our community, working together to build a contemporary and inclusive arts and music scene in our region.

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Creative Stuff Newtown

BLOSSOM Clwb DJ Club ODG/Open Newtown/Cultivate spring fair

Clwb DJ Club ODG/Open Newtown/Cultivate spring fair

Clwb DJ Clwb plays tunes at Oriel Davies Gallery, Cultivate and Open Newtown's Spring Fair... Read more

BOOGIE Creative Stuff Newtown Disco Picnic

Creative Stuff Newtown Disco Picnic

Thanks for coming to Creative Stuff Newtown's Disco Picnic... Read more

MIXE2 Clwb DJ Club at Open Tuniversity

Clwb DJ Club at Open Tuniversity

Enjoying the tunes? If you are, please help us raise funds for Clwb DJ Club... Read more