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Delapre Abbey Preservation Trust

Delapre Abbey Preservation Trust

East Midlands

Northampton’s hidden treasure just a mile from the town centre is alive with the possibilities of the present and surrounded by echoes of the past

Threatened with destruction many times during its 900 year history, Delapré Abbey has managed to survive and has recently been part restored with support from Northampton Borough Council, devoted volunteers and a £3.65 million grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund. As a visitor to Northampton’s newest visitor attraction, you’ll experience tales of the Abbey told across five storytelling zones, you’ll investigate unexpected views, strange doorways and eccentric architecture and make your own memories in a building brimming with history. We’re making new memories with this 900 year old building by opening the doors to the public for the first time in its history in March 2018. The Abbey has undergone a multi-million pound restoration programme and been painstakingly restored to its former splendour. Delapré Abbey Preservation Trust is an independent charitable trust with no ongoing revenue funding. We rely on the generous support of partner organisations such as the Heritage Lottery Fund, other charitable trusts and foundations and, most importantly, from our individual and corporate sponsors and supporters.
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Delapre Abbey Preservation Trust

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