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Doddington Church

Doddington Church

South East

We are a local Parish Church in Doddington, Kent.

The present church of Doddington is the product of a long history, beginning with its exterior, of stone dressings and field or chalk flints with their traditional, characteristic Kentish finish of a skim-coat of mortar-dashing that leaves only a quarter of the flints visible, aptly described as a "homely, but highly picturesque and very lasting surface". The principal architectural features of the church today are a chancel, nave, south chapel, south aisle, south porch and weather-boarded west tower. A medieval church, Doddington is dedicated to the Decollation (beheading) of St John the Baptist. The dedication is one of the rarest in England, shared only with Trimmingham on the East Norfolk coast. A popular saint for medieval church dedications, St John the Baptist was usually commemorated at the Midsummer festival of St John's Eve and St John's Day on 24 June.
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Doddington Church

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Doddington Church Car Park

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