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Dunvant Christian Fellowship

Dunvant Christian Fellowship


Looking for community groups? Got questions about life? Seeking a Swansea church? Look what’s on & come along or contact us! www.dunvant.com

We’re a church currently made up of around 150 people in which half are children, teenagers, students and young adults, from all over Swansea, the Gower, Neath, Llanelli and other areas. We’re a diverse mix from professionals to those struggling to find work, and from people who have lived in Swansea all their lives to those seeking asylum. In 1915 a few Christians started praying in their homes which progressed to constructing a Gospel Hall in 1928. This building has influenced many lives over the last 90 years and is still in use by us everyday. Our Sunday morning gatherings outgrew this hall in 2005 and we have been meeting at Dunvant Primary school, across the road, since. However, we are looking to purchase/rent land or a building to grow and provide better facilities for our Sunday & midweek gatherings. Jesus Christ is the heartbeat of this church and everything we do is in response to what God has done for us. We have a team who oversee the church with some employed staff, yet our DNA is to get everyone involved to serve each other. We are an independent evangelical church and here are some things we believe (PDF download) but we would love to meet you to discuss more. Everyone and anyone is welcome to our Sunday or midweek gatherings, so it depends what you’re looking for…….www.dunvant.com
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Dunvant Christian Fellowship

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