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Fundraising Event

The Big Christmas Auction

FABS (Friends at Broadmayne School)

Online Auction to raise money to renovate the classrooms at Broadmayne First School.

We believe that children learn most effectively in a positive, stimulating environment which we are striving to provide for every child at our school. The improved space will be easily cleanable so that our children can feel happy, confident and safe in these uncertain times. We have recently renovated the Year 1 classroom which has already had a positive impact but the challenge is on to raise funds to complete all five classrooms by the end of summer term 2021. Unless otherwise stated, all winning lots to be collected from Broadmayne School.

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FABS (Friends at Broadmayne School)

FABs is the FABulous name for the school’s PTFA. It stands for Friends at Broadmayne School. find out more

FABS (Friends at Broadmayne School)