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Fairview Education

Fairview Education

South West

Fairview Education is an educational charity which provides fully funded tuition to students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, Fairview Education was founded by two primary school teachers and is a unique charity in the sector aiming to assist disadvantaged children with higher academic potential to enter Gloucestershire Grammar schools. Most 11+ candidates pay for substantial extra tuition outside of school hours to prepare for the entrance examination. This is unaffordable for lower income families. Recent data suggests that the representation of Free Schools Meal children in Gloucestershire Grammar schools is approximately 3.5% whereas in mainstream schools it is approximately 22%. Fairview Education provides a fully funded package of face-to-face tuition, practice exams, and course materials, as well as expert advice on application and appeals for parents and guardians.

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Fairview Education

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