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Fretherne Parochial Church Council

Fretherne Parochial Church Council

South West

St Mary the Virgin, is known as Gloucestershire's Mini Cathedral as it's a tiny church of great beauty.

Fretherne is part of the Stroudwater Team Benefice. A small parish of 150 people with 30 on the electoral roll, 50% of our population are young families. Festivals such as Harvest, Easter and Christmas see our church full. Our services have a modern focus and our aim is to attract all generations. The church is close to the Severn Way, so is often visited by walkers. The Parochial Church Council are responsible for the upkeep of the Church Buildings and for payment of parish share to the diocese to enable the funding of local ministry to continue for all the community to benefit.

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Fretherne Parochial Church Council

STMARYS St Mary's Fretherne Electrical Check

St Mary's Fretherne Electrical Check

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