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Friends of The City Art Centre and Museums, Edinburgh

Friends of The City Art Centre and Museums, Edinburgh


Edinburgh Museums & Galleries' vision is to inspire, enthuse and provoke through a shared passion for Edinburgh, art and history.

Edinburgh Museums & Galleries (EMG) encompasses 14 venues and over 200 monuments across Edinburgh. The service has a staff of approximately 55 working across Art, History, Collections, Development and Front of House teams. In addition EMG works with over 50 volunteers and plays host to numerous learning placements annually. The Friends of EMG are a fantastic organisation which is constantly evolving in their support and work with and for EMG. EMG is award-winning across its volunteering, education and outreach work. The outreach service works 100% with community groups based in Edinburgh. Groups cover primarily those in health and day care settings, schools, prison services, ethnic minority and looked after or through care support. EMG has membership of a number of professional bodies including Museums Galleries Scotland, the Museums Association and The Art Fund.

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Friends of The City Art Centre and Museums, Edinburgh

FCAC001 Re-Imagining the Museum of Childhood

Re-Imagining the Museum of Childhood

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