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Friends Of Wythenshawe Hall

Friends Of Wythenshawe Hall

North West

Wythenshawe Hall was built around 1540 by Robert Tatton of Chester.

Wythenshawe Hall former home of the Tatton family for over 600 years, and now owned by Manchester City Council. The Hall, and the surrounding 250 acres of park land, were given to the city by Lord and Lady Simon in 1926, to be enjoyed ever after by the people of Manchester and beyond. The Hall served as an art gallery and museum until its closure in 2010; with the help of the Friends of Wythenshawe Hall volunteer group, which was established in 2012, the Hall is once again open to visitors to explore this much-loved landmark of Wythenshawe. FOWH are a group of like minded people who have a passion for Wythenshawe Hall and park. We come from all walks of life, in fact one of our members, Richard Jackson, the current Chair of the committee, is a direct descendant of the Tatton family!

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Friends Of Wythenshawe Hall

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