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Fuel Theatre

Fuel Theatre


Fuel produce fresh work for adventurous people by inspiring artists.

Fuel leads the field in independent producing in the UK’s live performance sector. We have created upwards of 160 projects with over 60 artists experienced by more than 500,000 people. We work with brilliant artists to enable them to share their artistic vision. We develop and present an adventurous, playful and significant programme of live, digital, and multi-disciplinary work for a representative audience across the UK and beyond. Our mission is to produce art that exposes our fears, reveals our hopes, and empowers us to change what needs to be changed. We believe in supporting and stimulating artists to develop their own ideas through provocation and challenge. We have a rich and trusting creative dialogue with all of the artists we work with, and we engage with all aspects of the development of the work. Each relationship is unique, as we try to respond to the needs of each artist individually. Some of the artists Fuel has worked with include Will Adamsdale, Inua Ellams, Encounter, Fevered Sleep, Lewis Gibson, Gyre & Gimble, Nick Makoha, Racheal Ofori, Frauke Requardt, David Rosenberg, Andy Smith, Sound&Fury, Melly Still, Tom Stuart, Uninvited Guests and Melanie Wilson.
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Fuel Theatre

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