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Gabrieli is an exciting, thriving and ambitious ensemble. Originally known for renaissance and baroque music, our repertoire now spans over 450 years.

Gabrieli are world-renowned interpreters of great vocal and instrumental repertoire spanning from the renaissance to the present day. Formed as an early music ensemble by Paul McCreesh in 1982, we have both outgrown and remained true to our original identity. Over thirty years, our repertoire has expanded beyond any expectation, but McCreesh’s ever-questioning spirit and expressive musicianship, together with a healthy degree of iconoclasm, remain constant features and are continually reflected in dynamic performances. Our repertoire includes major works of the oratorio tradition, virtuosic a cappella programmes of music from many centuries and mould-breaking reconstructions of music for historical events.

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GABS004 Gabrieli Records Haydn The Seasons

Gabrieli Records Haydn The Seasons

Gabrieli and Paul McCreesh are planning to record a stunning new version of Haydn's The Seasons, in 2016. Help us raise £60,000 to make it happen!... Read more

GABS003 Gabrieli Roar 2016

Gabrieli Roar 2016

Gabrieli Roar is an ambitious training scheme for exceptional teenage singers. By the end of 2015 we need to raise £30,000 towards the costs of the 2... Read more

Fully funded GABS002 Gabrieli's Christmas Wish 2014

Gabrieli's Christmas Wish 2014

Gabrieli’s recordings are a vital part of the legacy that our work creates. It is Gabrieli’s Christmas Wish to raise the remaining costs of £30k ... Read more

Fully funded
GABS001 Support Gabrieli

Support Gabrieli

Gabrieli’s ambitious performances and recordings, and our vital education work, cannot exist without the crucial support of our friends and donors.... Read more