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Gairloch Community Hall

Gairloch Community Hall


Community Hall providing accommodation for activities, events, meetings, public toilets and community offices.

Gairloch is a remote area on the north west coast of Scotland and the hall serves a community ranging of villages 26 miles around the sea loch. The Hall provides a hub for events, activities, meetings, the public toilets, community offices, community hairdresser, local youth club and NHS Storage and relies on an income from letting fees and fund raising efforts. Loneliness and isolation, activity and health, social inclusion and education are all issues addressed by hall events as is essential provision of services like public toilets and a hairdresser and monthly chiropody and local newspaper.

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Gairloch Community Hall

KITZ01 Keep Gairloch Community Hall Public Toilets open

Keep Gairloch Community Hall Public Toilets open

Public Toilets - Free to use but expensive to run - please donate if you can.... Read more