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George Crawford Legacy Trust

George Crawford Legacy Trust


The George Crawford Legacy Trust was set up in memory of George Crawford who died following a road accident at the tragically young age of 20.

The trust aims to provide opportunities for young people, of all abilities, and from all walks of life, to reach their full potential. Especially those with the drive and determination to achieve a better outcome for themselves. We welcome applications from individuals looking for a “leg up” to aid them in achieving their goal either as individuals or groups. We have supported a wide range of individuals including a wide range of sportspersons and teams, individual challenging themselves to achieve tests on themselves, realising goals or enabling them do things they couldn’t achieve without our help. We also provide a range of support or bursaries nominated to reflect George’s interests. We want George’s beautiful spirit for life to live on through The George Crawford Legacy Trust supporting young people individually and through charitable groups. The development of The Trust is only made possible thanks to the overwhelming support and encouragement from too many people to mention. The Trust is run by a board of trustees nominated by the Crawford family.

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George Crawford Legacy Trust

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