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Havant Lions Club Charity Trust

Havant Lions Club Charity Trust

South East

Our charter as a charitable organisation is to raise money and distribute it to deserving causes, our emphasis is providing support locally.

Havant Lions Club serves the areas of Havant, Waterlooville & Emsworth. We have been busy during the lockdown period helping those locally who have needed temporary financial assistance. Our primary aim is to help, in any way we can the local community, for example: relieving temporary hardship, supporting community efforts, sponsoring local sports teams and providing the message in a bottle service to local doctors surgeries. Our normal fund raising method is face to face, bucket shakes, collecting bottles for our successful bottle stalls or escorting Santa on his Christmas rounds. This year is proving difficult because of the pandemic. Please help us by donating online any amount you can afford - all the money we receive will be used to help others.
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Havant Lions Club Charity Trust

ROAR01 Havant Lions - No Bottle this year!

Havant Lions - No Bottle this year!

We cannot collect bottles this year to run our famous "Every ticket is a winner" stalls at various shows. Please donate by mobile phone or the Web.... Read more