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Hitchin Partnership CIO

Hitchin Partnership CIO


Hitchin Partnership CIO provides a Family Support Service to schools in Hitchin and the surrounding villages.

Our team of Family Support Workers provides support to 26 schools in Hitchin and the surrounding villages. Through funding from schools, the support of local community groups and fundraising we are able to provide practical help in times of hardship and crisis. Our service prides itself on joined up working to help the whole family feel supported to ensure the very best outcomes. We aim to build the confidence of families with parenting approaches, providing children with happier and healthier lives to enable them to achieve their best. We work with parents and children following a referral from the school or other professional body. In addition to the family support work we will look at all the needs of the family as a whole and look at signposting to other specialist services. If a family is struggling financially, we will work with them to look at finances and budgeting. With the help of fundraising and local groups we are help with shoe vouchers, uniform, clothing, furniture and equipment.

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Hitchin Partnership CIO

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