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Home-Start Winchester

Home-Start Winchester

South East

Home-Start believes children need a happy and secure childhood and parents play a key role in giving children a good start in life.

Home-Start Winchester and Districts is one of over 200 schemes within the national Home-Start movement. Each scheme is an independent charity which supports families in its local community and has responsibility for raising its own funds. We offer support, friendship and practical help to vulnerable families with at least one child under five. Family needs are unique and often complex but problems often include loneliness and isolation, disabilities and special needs, coping with twins, triplets or several pre-school children as well as physical or mental ill health. Our service is provided by a team of volunteers who are recruited, trained and offered on-going support by two part-time co-ordinators. Volunteers offer informal, friendly and confidential support, for at least two hours once a week usually for between six and 12 months.
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Home-Start Winchester

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