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Homeless Hampers

Homeless Hampers

Yorkshire and the Humber

Homeless Hampers support the homeless and those living in poverty Yorkshire, through the provision of essential supplies, direction and advice.

Homeless Hampers was established in November 2015. The first outreach involved one flask of coffee and 5 volunteers handing out hampers. Since then, Homeless Hampers has gone from strength to strength, now undertaking weekly outreaches in Leeds, with c. 18 volunteers per week distributing in excess of 150 meals, 25 litres of hot drinks and an assortment of essentials such as toiletries, clothing, blankets and sleeping bags as well as providing food to Bradford shelters 4 days a week. Homeless Hampers can only make a difference with the amazing support and dedication from the wide volunteer base and donations from the local community and our distributions partners, including Greggs, Co-Op, Aldi, Waitrose, M&S and Sainsbury’s.
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Homeless Hampers

HAMPERS HH Text Campaign

HH Text Campaign

Homeless Hampers support the homeless and those living in poverty, providing food and essential supplies through weekly outreaches and local hostels... Read more