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We are every day people with a conscience and strive for the greater good.

We are every day people with a conscience. Nothing more, nothing less. Our work started when a group of us ran a fundraising campaign for the refugee crisis in Calais, France around the summer of 2016. We were truly humbled that our friends, family and local communities had entrusted us with their donations and contributions. This enabled us to provide much needed aid to people who had fled war torn communities, at a place completely foreign to them, at a time when many had turned their backs on them. We learned a lot on our ongoing visits to Calais. We learned the importance of valuing what we have and our ability to foster our communities together to make things better for others. We learned that things can be cruel in this world but more importantly, we learned that our fellow human beings have compassion. A genuine compassion towards the greater good and we were truly honoured and humbled that they were able to trust us to channel this compassion towards such rewarding journeys which we hope, made things easier for those whom we were out trying to serve. As we now embark on a new journey, our aims and objectives haven't changed. The demographics may do so slightly, but our intentions combined with the support of our awesome communities will remain steadfast as bit by bit, we strive for a better world for all.
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ICBEIRUT19 iCare - Orphans, Widows & Refugees relief @icarebeirut2019

iCare - Orphans, Widows & Refugees relief @icarebeirut2019

Feeding the hungry, helping the afflicted and alleviating the suffering of the injured #icarebeirut2019... Read more