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Islamic Education and Cultural Society

Islamic Education and Cultural Society


Hayes Muslim Centre

Hayes Muslim Centre welcomes you to our vibrant and multi-ethnic community where people gather for prayers, worship, education and seminars, share information and advice from service providers, host tours for schools and visitors, inter-faith events and much more! Visit us in person or call us. Join us at Hayes Muslim Centre!! The Islamic Education and Cultural Society, Hayes was started in 1980, with a humble beginning to practice and promote universal values and teachings of the Qur’an. We welcome and serve the community of diverse ethnicities in and around Hayes. People from India, Pakistan, Somalia, the Middle East, Africa and European countries gather here for prayers, worship, education, seminars, celebrations and family events. We offer courses in English, Urdu, Somali and Dari languages. Both children and adults learn the Qur’an and memorise it. The lessons in Arabic are complemented with the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) in English and other languages; regular Councillor and MP surgeries facilitate attendees and visitors. Hayes Muslim Centre continues to be a thriving place for peaceful, spiritual and social gatherings.
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Islamic Education and Cultural Society

HMC1 Hayes / Angel Muslim Centre

Hayes / Angel Muslim Centre

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