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Jacobs Ridge CIC

Jacobs Ridge CIC

South East

Jacobs Ridge CIC was founded in 2017 and provides financial support and expert assistance to animal sanctuaries around the world.

Jacobs Ridge CIC operates various fundraising activities to offer support to various animal sanctuaries around the world. Set up by an experienced animal sanctuary operator, a need was identified to offer animals and their sanctuaries assistance in time of need. They concentrate on providing specialist and explicit help for certain cases and do not offer blanket financial donations. Applications for assistance are considered very carefully and involve a financial examination of the organisation or individual that is applying. The aim is to ensure that every penny raised is directed in the most worthy of places. With many charities sitting on millions and millions of cash reserves or investments, yet still regularly calling out for donations from the public, Jacobs Ridge CIC is determined to opertae in such a way that the donors have complete trust and confidence that their donation is being used for the purpose intended. Jacobs Ridge CIC has so far paid for individual operations, food bills, rescue transportation and veterinary advice. With your support it continues to grow year on year.
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Jacobs Ridge CIC

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