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Jasmin Vardimon Educational Company

Jasmin Vardimon Educational Company

South East

The Jasmin Vardimon Educational Company nurtures talent, promotes health and well-being and inspires cultural engagement by diverse participants.

We produce versatile industry-ready performers through high quality training programmes, which develop dance and theatrical skills. Participants at Diploma and Post Graduate levels gain from the unique experience of working alongside a professional dance theatre company. Apprenticeships and professional placements complete the interlinked offer, which provides highly effective routes into arts careers. In addition, we offer inspiring participatory experiences including master-classes, residencies and workshops for all levels from children to professionals, giving an insight into Vardimon’s choreographic process, developing specific skills and unlocking potential.
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Jasmin Vardimon Educational Company

JVEC001 Sponsor a Dancer

Sponsor a Dancer

Every year we train sixteen exceptional young people at the start of their careers. By donating £10 you could co-fund a bursary for a talented dancer... Read more