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Kirkby Stephen Community Support Association

Kirkby Stephen Community Support Association

North West

Kirkby Stephen Community Support that has been set up to coordinate a range of services for residents in and around Kirkby Stephen

We know that COVID-19 (coronavirus) is having an unfolding impact on many people’s health, wellbeing and livelihoods, and that we are all facing different circumstances. We also know that recovery from the pandemic will take time and the needs of our community will change, therefore KSCS aims to adapt and respond to the evolving needs of our residents over time, so we can continue to offer support where needed. We provide the following for our community • Weekly FREE Food Parcels to those who are in need or vulnerable – generously supported by FareShare and Recycling Lives, Kirkby Stephen COOP and a range of local businesses • Tea break boxes to key workers • A shopping service for those who are shielding and/or unable to access online groceries, from the Kirkby Stephen COOP, Pharmacy and other essential local shops • Providing free meals, packed lunches for families and individuals during holiday periods • Providing wellbeing support for our residents through events and activities • Run the Upper Eden Resilience Group Helpline • Supporting other community and voluntary groups during these uncertain times
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Kirkby Stephen Community Support Association

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