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Leicester Hospitals Charity

Leicester Hospitals Charity

East Midlands

We work to support the Leicester Royal Infirmary, the Leicester General Hospital and Glenfield Hospital for our patients, visitors and staff.

Leicester Hospitals Charity work to support the three NHS hospitals of Leicester, we do this through events, appeals and the kind support of individuals, local businesses and companies.

The Charity has recently come to the end of phase one of our new Children's Hospital Appeal, which raised a huge 7.5 million towards the first dedicated Children's Hospital in the East Midlands. Phase one focuses on moving the Children's Heart Services from Glenfield Hospital to Leicester Royal Infirmary, which will allow the children's services to all be under one roof in the Kensington Building, meaning less travel between hospital sites for our children, their families and our staff.

We also launched our Covid-19 response fund in 2020 to support the wellbeing of our amazing NHS staff who have worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic. The generous support we received from local businesses and kind individuals really helped us continue to take care of our staff when they needed it most.

Looking forward to 2021/22 we will have new and exciting events and appeals to launch which will to continue to enhance our hospital experience, for our visitors, their loved ones and our brilliant staff.

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Leicester Hospitals Charity

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