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Since 1981 LIFT has been pioneering new forms of theatre, presenting spectacular performances and moments of magic in every corner of London.

LIFT is about London. For over 35 years we have presented a year-round programme culminating in the world-renowned biennial festival that transforms the city into a stage. Led by Artistic Director, Mark Ball, LIFT 2016 is no exception. It takes place from 1 June to 2 July and will be our most ambitious festival yet, with work happening everywhere from the Barbican and Sadler's Wells to a East End graveyard and an historic Music Hall. LIFT is firmly rooted in the life of this great city and of its people. We work with world-class artists, to create exceptional work that questions the nature of theatre, engages with the big ideas of our time, and reveals the stories of the individuals and communities of our incredibly diverse city.

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LIFT001 Help us bring a new perspective to the work in LIFT 2016

Help us bring a new perspective to the work in LIFT 2016

We need help to fund an exciting intervention into LIFT 2016, bringing thirty 12 year olds into the mix as the Official Festival Jury.... Read more