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Making History Ltd

Making History Ltd

East Midlands

Making History is a 'Who Do You Think You Are?' for children aged 8-18. Raising aspirations, boosting self-esteem and connecting families.

Making History is designed to help children uncover something in their family or cultural history that inspires them to follow their dreams. They become history ‘detectives’ whilst building their family trees using digital technology. Interviewing their parents and grandparents bonds the generations. As the project develops they often discover previously unknown ancestors and stories which they delight in sharing with their families. Students ultimately create a short film of their journey. Working on the premise ‘Everybody Has A Story’, this ground-breaking project gives each child a voice and enables them to share their story through film, creating their own unique historical legacy.

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Making History Ltd

MHL001 2016-2017 Project

2016-2017 Project

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