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Mane Chance Sanctuary

Mane Chance Sanctuary


Our mission is to rescue and rehabilitate abused, abandoned and old horses, integrating them with the local community.

Mane Chance operates a system of care unique in the world of equine welfare. We have set up a track system across the fields at the sanctuary. By placing feed all along the tracks and water at one end, our horses are encouraged to exercise and forage. This system is proven to enrich the horse lives more so than if they were housed in a square or oblong field where they would just stand in one spot and eat and graze. We also believe passionately that horses and humans can benefit in equal measure emotionally. We have built a very special relationship with the Shooting Star Chase charity for example. Children with life limiting illnesses visit us weekly in the summer months from their hospice at Christopher’s in Guildford. We also welcome youngsters from local special needs schools and students on the Duke of Edinburgh Awards programme are regular weekend visitors.

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Mane Chance Sanctuary

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