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Melvich Village Hall Association

Melvich Village Hall Association


Melvich Village Hall Association is responsible for the community hall in the village of Melvich in Sutherland

Melvich Village Hall Association (MVHA) became a registered charity in November 1999. MVHA is an unincorporated registered charity and our object is “To provide, or assist in the provision of, facilities for the recreation of other leisure-time occupation, in the interest of social welfare in an effort to improve the conditions of life of the inhabitants of the district of Bighouse, Melvich, Portskerra, Golval and Kirkton, all in the Parish of Farr.” We own the Melvich Village Hall asset in our community and are looking to fund raise to replace the hall for the long term benefit of our community. We are in the process of changing over to become an incorporated charity (Melvich Community SCIO).
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Melvich Village Hall Association

NTPN01 Donate for construction of a new village hall for Melvich

Donate for construction of a new village hall for Melvich

Please donate to show your support for building a new village hall in Melvich and for raising reserves to make the project happen... Read more