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Mental Health Collective

Mental Health Collective


When people feel like they are falling apart, they often think they are alone. Mental Health Collective works to find new ways of coming together.

We are the hub for unlocking the potential of social and collective approaches to mental health. Bringing together the full range of expertise on the social and collective dimensions of mental health, we catalyse new, creative, and above all effective approaches for better health and wellbeing. Established in 2018, Mental Health Collective runs a wide range of projects which help people connect with each other and help us remind ourselves that we're not on own in the world. This is good for anyone, whether you have a mental health problem or if your mental health is going just fine. An example of our work is the Kindness-by-Post project, which enables strangers to exchange cards with messages of goodwill at difficult moments in the year.
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Mental Health Collective

WINDOWS Living Advent Calendar - Let's take the loveliness nationwide!

Living Advent Calendar - Let's take the loveliness nationwide!

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KINDNESS #GreatBritishValentine: A nationwide exchange of kindness

#GreatBritishValentine: A nationwide exchange of kindness

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