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Motion Control Dance

Motion Control Dance


Motion Control Dance, founded in 2001 is a community dance charity that enriches lives through movement in the Vale of Glamorgan

For 20 years, Motion Control has delivered weekly classes, workshops, training and performance opportunities, we have created many memorable experiences for those participating in the activities and also for our audiences. Our services help individuals to express and appreciate themselves through dance sessions that can help broaden horizons and develop new skills. Motion Control Dance works across the community at grassroots level with a motto that everyone can have a ‘Chance to Dance’. Our Award Winning projects focus upon children, young people and adults with disabilities, as well as those who are socially deprived, with the aim to increase general health and well-being and tackle social exclusion. By supporting Motion Control Dance, you will help us continue our legacy to help enrich lives through movement to those living in the Vale of Glamorgan.
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Motion Control Dance

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