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Newcastle West End Foodbank

Newcastle West End Foodbank

North East

To help people in Newcastle experiencing food poverty by providing food parcels and other care and support, to enable them to live free from hunger.

Our Charity provides food to individuals and families caught in food poverty. Whilst a back stop to the wider social benefits system, we are uniquely placed to support people experiencing financial hardship. We provide dedicated support to people who are exhausted by food insecurity and poverty. We seek to inspire and enable the community to work together for mutual benefit. We provide support, advice, and guidance to empower people to resolve or alleviate the causes of poverty. Working with other charities and welfare agencies we will support people to find pathways out of poverty. We are uniquely placed to help people who need information or clarity around their entitlement to core services or lack trust in the welfare system.

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Newcastle West End Foodbank

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