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Oasis Partnership

Oasis Partnership

South East

Oasis Partnership is a well-established innovative charity providing psychological and social interventions making a difference to people’s lives.

The Oasis Partnership provides high quality support to people with drug or alcohol problems. Working in partnership with many different organisations we are able to offer comprehensive support, that helps change lives forever. For over 35 years we have been developing innovative services that meet the needs of our local communities in Bucks and Oxford. Our varied contracts include Adults, Young People, Street Homeless and those with Mental Health needs.  Additionally we offer Employment, Training, Education, Volunteering and support service users via our Recovery Networks, (Health and Well Being) and Cafes.  

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Oasis Partnership

Fundraising Event Oasis Art Box Auction

Oasis Art Box Auction

To mark mental health awareness week, multi award winning Rock Photographer Simon Sarin has teamed up with Oasis Art Box, a 'Community in Arts' initia...

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JNRC001 Exclusive, one off, iconic rock photographs by Simon Sarin

Exclusive, one off, iconic rock photographs by Simon Sarin

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