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Fundraising Event

Dons Local Action Group - One Year Together Charity Auction

AFC Wimbledon Foundation

Welcome to our amazing online auction for Dons Local Action Group, please take a look at our incredible lots! You can bid for a wide variety of experiences, vouchers and treats, from a day with the AFC Wimbledon Head Coach and the players, to tea at the House of Lords or dinner and a night in a luxury hotel in London.

All proceeds will go towards the costs of running our organisation, which relies entirely on charitable support to help thousands of people in need every month.

Dons Local Action Group are a local network of volunteers throughout Merton, Wandsworth and Kingston helping those in need of support, and fighting poverty and isolation in our communities.We provide food parcels, household goods, furniture and appliances, as well as laptops through our Keep Kids Connected initiative for children without access to online learning. 

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AFC Wimbledon Foundation

The Dons Local Action Group provides food parcels, household goods, furniture and appliances to those in need in our communities. find out more

AFC Wimbledon Foundation