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Oxford Preservation Trust

Oxford Preservation Trust

South East

Oxford Preservation Trust (OPT) was set-up in 1927 to preserve and enhance Oxford and its setting.

As part of our work we organise Oxford Open Doors and we are asking you to help make sure that it can continue. Oxford Open Doors is your chance to get behind Oxford’s closed doors to celebrate our wonderful City and all for free. Like many other charities Covid-19 has had a huge impact and we have seen our income fall and we are asking you to support so please DONATE now to help us. • Run Oxford Open Doors in 2021 and keep it free to everyone • Look after OPTs 1,000 acres of green space, making it publicly accessible • Help us to support local specialist heritage contractors and protect heritage at risk • Help us to champion good design and planning • Support our education and outreach work for young people THANK YOU SO MUCH
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Oxford Preservation Trust

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