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Parent Community Sports Trust

Parent Community Sports Trust


BSC Glasgow are a community sports Club based in Glasgow. We offer inclusive team sports for children and adults from all backgrounds.

The Parent Community Sports Trust is a charity (SC044806) that promotes healthy living, and the strengthening of communities, through sport. Our sports club – BSC Glasgow - was set up to be a healthy outlet, and stabilising force, for people in our community. We aim to achieve two primary objectives through this pandemic: 1) To keep our members physically active and engaged in sport while staying safe at home. 2) To help the most vulnerable in our community, through our Food Bank and giving away free Footballs.
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Parent Community Sports Trust

KBXJ01 BSC Glasgow Food Bank Donation

BSC Glasgow Food Bank Donation

Zander Nation Bounce Bingo this Saturday 23rd May @ 7pm live from The Pearce Institute, Govan in aid of BSC Glasgow Food Bank!... Read more